100 Days Of Warframe

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This is the story of one Tenno warrior and his epic journey from complete noob to space ninja senpai!

Thanks to all the awesome team at DE for helping us make this happen! Challenge: Can you spot all the YouTubers in this video?
Feeling inspired? Get started in Warframe TODAY and begin your journey to prepare for the next PC Update: The War Within.

All awesome art and animation by Paul "Otaking77077" Johnson
Written by Edgar Khoo & Tom Jenkins
Additional material and editing by Laura Rankin
Sound Design & Music by Digital Extremes
Special shout out to Reb & Julie ❤️
Ninjas play Warframe FREE on all platforms. Warning: May contain grind. Check it out here: https://warframe.com/
This is a paid for promotion (but made with love yeah)

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