20 Public Transport Etiquette Rules You Should Remember

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Most people are taught basic manners in their childhood. Our parents teach us to give up our seat for an older person, not to make too much noise, and to respect other people's space. But some people grow up and seem to completely forget the rules of behavior on public transport.

Unfortunately, many people consider respect for the rules of etiquette as something shameful, considering it a feature of classy aesthetes who are removed from real life. Good manners are as different as the people who show them. Nevertheless, there are some etiquette rules that should be followed no matter what nationality you are. Everyone should want to be a polite person after all! Here are 20 things you shouldn't forget when you're on public transport.

Don’t hold up the line 0:56
Prepare the things you need for your trip in advance 1:52
Don't forget that other passengers want a place for their hand luggage too 2:15
Offer help to your travel companions 2:47
Take off your backpack or bulky purse when you enter public transport 3:13
Don't comb your hair or apply makeup in a public place 3:34
Ask people if they need assistance before you help them 3:58
Be attentive to people with kids 4:20
Teach your kids the rules of travel etiquette 4:39
Be ready to offer your seat 5:05
Don't take food with a strong smell on a trip 5:28
Don't make loud sounds that might irritate others 6:03
Be careful when reclining your seat 6:33
Keep your umbrella closed 7:08
Avoid displays of affection on public transport 7:36
Don't rush when you leave a vehicle 7:51
Remember the golden rule of the escalator 8:19
Don't try to occupy another person’s space 8:39
Keep newspapers folded 9:06
Don't stare at people 9:22

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- If you know that a long bus or train journey is ahead of you, prepare everything you need beforehand.
- If you have several bags, place them on the luggage shelf vertically so they occupy less space.
- If you have a large backpack or a filled-to-the-brim purse, take it off your shoulder, and hold it in front of you.
- It's not acceptable to put on makeup or comb and tie up your hair in a public place.
- If you want to help a stranger (especially someone with limited physical capabilities) to enter a vehicle, remember to ask if they need your assistance.
- If your children learn the rules of behaving on public transport before a trip, you'll save your nerves and the nerves of the people around you.
- This doesn't mean that you should give up a comfortable seat you booked in advance for a person who didn't prioritize their comfort and bought a ticket at the last minute.
- Some people are extremely sensitive to smells, and you can imagine what will happen if you unwrap an odorous snack in an enclosed bus or train.
- In the rainy season, public transport becomes even more cramped: in addition to bags, each passenger has to take an umbrella with them.
- Consider the feelings of others and the example you're setting to children who are onboard, and don't forget about common decency.
- Help those who need assistance, for example, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.
- No matter how fascinating your neighbor's book, newspaper, face, or clothes are, don't stare at them. It’s rude, and it can make the person you've chosen for your intent examination extremely uncomfortable.

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