36 Weeks Pregnant: Watch the Growth of Your Baby

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During 36 weeks pregnant stage the baby is facing an upright position, so your healthcare provider may perform an External Cephalic Version Procedure. Read more to find out what other things happen during 36 weeks of your pregnancy - https://www.consumerhealthdigest.com/pregnancy-center/36-week-pregnancy.html

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From conception to birth, take a unique look on fetal development during the 9 months of pregnancy. Discover how your baby grows and what happens to your body during the whole pregnancy week.

Video Transcription:

Hey pregnant mothers!

- By the end of this week, the enlarged fetus occupies almost the whole abdominal cavity
- Height of your baby is 18.66 inches and he weighs 5.78 pounds
Your baby at this point is gaining less than an ounce a day
- She/he barely makes any movement as it is constricted by the abdominal muscles
- Doctors and mothers can now clearly identify the probable position of the baby upon delivery
- If the baby is facing an upright position, your healthcare provider may perform an External Cephalic Version procedure where the doctor tries to make the fetus move by pushing your tummy using their hands and being guided by an ultrasound.
- This is to aim reversing the position of the baby
- If the baby is positioned breech, cesarean section is performed
- Your little ones bones are still flexible and his well-designed head is featuring ingenious floating skull plates that overlap to allow the head to compress on the way out
- Blood circulation has been fine-tuned and the immune system is set to do battle with germs outside the womb
- Your baby's digestive system is ready to accept liquid food as he/she gets all his nutrition and oxygen from the placenta

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