ATUM MOD 1.12.2 minecraft - how to download & install Atum 1.12.2

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ATUM MOD minecraft - how to download and install Atum Mod 1.12.2 (with forge) (for Windows, Mac, Linux) and how to create heroes in the end of this video.

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This mod add heroes in Minecraft 1.12.2:

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What is #Atum with #Udisen and #RPGMods today? Minecraft is an epic and awesome virtual playground and workshop, where kids and adult of all ages can create epic stuff, have fun, and learn different things. It’s unique game, because in that mostly everything on Minecraft is designed and created by members of the community. Initially Minecraft is designed for 8 to 16 year old, but it is open to people of all ages and nations. If you play on servers, also can earn minecraft “dollars” and use in shop to purchase clothing, weapons, pets, accessories, expensive building materials, components for machines or something else.