New Born Baby to Toddler*

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[Smart Baby Bath Seat murmur]
*New Born Baby to Toddler*

1.Baby Bath Seat and Bidet (Wash Stand)
Can be used by installing on a washstand or a sink. We made the outlet in the most defecation-smeared area to dean the area easily and to prevent the backward flow of soil.

2.Baby Nursing & Weaning seat
Supports the baby stabilization of the baby’s head and you can nurse and wean comfortably. (Prevents vomit and inflammation caused by the mother’s joint and the baby’s bad posture)

3.Baby Bidet (Sinks)
Has a cradle and suction plate to mount on washstands and basins.

4.Convenient bath booster seat
The installment on a washstand or a basin will allow the baby to take a comfortable position while being bathed.

5.Baby Bidet(Seat) Above the toilet installation is even easier. After mounting, please use after confirming that the stable.

[ murmur Characteristic]
Features of the bidet, as well as possible and take advantage of this versatile, easy to carry out or when traveling

1.Using the baby washstand prevents strain on the wrist. (However, because there may be difficult to mount, depending on the type and material of the mount where the first check)

2.Ergonomic design considers the baby’s body shape and movement , while protecting the neck of newborn baby.

3.When mounted horizontally, it can be used more easily to wash the baby’s rear.

4.Silicon pad provides slip resistance.

[Use of the product]
1.Remove moisture from the place of usage(washstand, sink ,etc.) in order for suction plate to be fixed.

2.Install suction plate and the backside of main body in the proper location.

3.Lay the baby down on murmur in a comfortable position.(Tip. Check the temperature of water)

4.Lift up the baby’s legs slightly and remove defecation easily with water.

*Age - newborn to 24 months (weight 44 lb or more)
*Support load - 44 lb or more
*Configuration - body, silicone pad, suctions.