The Top 5 HIGHEST Paid Doctors! Number 1 Makes $500,000!

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In this video, I discuss the top 5 HIGHEST paid doctors! If you are curious about which medical specialties make the most money than look no further! If you are a medical student, premed, or international medical graduate you may find this video on the top 5 highest paid doctors informative! Note: I think neurosurgery should be number 1, but it was not included in the survey because none of them replied out of 20,000 physicians total lol.

Top 5 Specialties With The Highest Malpractice Rates:
Top 5 Hardest Medical Specialties To Get Into:
Top 5 Least Paid Medical Specialties:
Top 5 Happiest Medical Specialties:
Top 5 Most Burned Out Medical Specialties:

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