3D origami budgie (budgerigar, bird) tutorial

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3D origami budgie (budgerigar, bird) tutorial
Step by step production, master class

You will learn how to make budgies (budgerigar, bird) out of paper. We will make a budgie in the art of 3D Origami.
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We need 227 pieces size 1/32nd and 1 piece 1/64th.

A budgie’s height is 17.5 cm. A budgie’s length is 5 cm.

We need:
2 blue, 57 blue, 88 white, 80 black pieces (1/32nd).
Also we need 1 orange piece 1/64th.
How to make such triangles see here: https://youtu.be/dA_xPDYpGQk

0:08 We’re making three rows of 9 pieces in each
1st and 2nd rows: 9 white,
3rd row: 6 white, 3 black

4th row: 9 white

1:08 5th row: 5 black, white, 2 blue, white

6th row: 9 white

1:53 7th row: 5 black, 4 white

6 blue pieces put on short side out (SSO). Blue will be put on the short side ALWAYS in this figure

8 white. If you have something not looked at, then rewind.
There are 14 pieces in the 8th row.

3:20 9 black, 5 blue

8 white, 6 blue

9 black, 5 blue

10 white, 4 blue

9 black, 5 blue

6:31 8 white, 6 blue

7 black, 7 blue

7:59 6 white, 6 blue (some blue put on at 3 corners)

8:50 5 black, 7 blue

Making the tail of the black: 4, 3

and 7 times (2, 1)

We’re making the beak of a piece of 1/64

We’re making eyes of black paper and glue eyes

12:04 And put a parrot on the edge of the glass or mug

12:11 3D origami budgie is done!

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You know now how to make budgies (budgerigar, bird) in the art 3D origami (modular origami). Use this video as a master class in the assembly of budgies (budgerigar, bird).

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