Angry Birds Toons (Plush Version) - Season 1: Ep 9 - "Do As I Say"

Bawk Hersheysman · 5,185,204 просмотров
It's a long awaited Bawk Hersheysman Angry Birds Toons Plush Version. This episode is called Do As I Say! (sorry it's taken us so long to get this one out) that stars The Blues, Matilda and Marf the Pig. Enjoy.

Bawk Hersheysman is the youtube channel by 9 year old Cayson Clyde and his dad. Together they recreated Angry Birds Toon (Plush Version) videos recreating each scene shot for shot with Cayson puppeteering his plushies. Now they are growing the channel to include gameplay and other fun videos! Again, the creator of these "let's play" videos is 9 years old. So we recommend them for young kids who are interested in gaming or Super Mario Bros.

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