Anne & Gilbert | All this time [S2]

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forgive the glitches and terrible editing, Amen

This might be the worst thing I've ever made. Lol. Everyones so sick of hearing me talk shit about my own videos. Lmao. It never ends sry. I have so much anxiety for literally nothing at all, somehow posting this made sense, but you know, I can always unlist it when it received the zero feedback it deserves cause this is straight up crap. Again, sry for ranting in each video description. Im just a total mess IRL atm and I feel like i have no one to talk too about anything. Somehow posting all thetherapudic shit seems like a good idea until I've actually uploaded it, but I think the key is to never watch it ever again and just forget about it. Omg, my descriptions are like a bad reality tv show. Again. Sorry for. Idk. This i guess.

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