ASMR Roleplay: The kingdom needs a queen [Proposal] [Invading Enemy]

Dareon Audio · 38,385 просмотров
The kingdom has been invaded and your father, the king, defeated in combat by the enemies. Sitting now in the throne room is the heir of the rival kingdom, an ambitious man that is determined to become the ruler of the lands that once belonged to your family.
After being imprisoned by the invaders, you're summoned to meet the usurper and listen to what he has to say. Everyone though you'd be facing execution, but it seems like he has other plans for you.


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Credit for the artwork on this channel and videos goes to Rafael Cavalcanti.
Youtube: /channel/UCty91jm9jFTMAHIUcPFcdww
Instagram: @rafcavalcanti
Script by Emma Lowry
Voice acting by Dareon Audio

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