Austin Powers - The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer -- Baby!!

The Bum Gun · 36,751 просмотров - Get yourself ‘shower fresh’ clean after every toilet visit and Save Money Now on our bidet sprayers.
This is the "In thing" with "the Trendy Crowd".

This little baby, baby is "The Bum Gun!" Don't worry, it doesn't use live ammo!

"How have I lived without this bidet sprayer! My life will never be the same without this simple, yet superrr invention" says one International Clean Bum of Mystery!

The Bum Gun karate chops dirty bums, and bacteria, down the sewers daily!! Ouch baby very ouch! -- for the germs that is!

The Bum Gun -- The best thing to happen to bathroom hygiene since Thomas Crapper!

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This is the installation video for The Bum Gun bidet sprayer in the English language. This 21st century invention replaces the need for toilet paper, and greatly increases hygiene and cleanliness after every bathroom visit.

Suitable for every member of the family as well as for commercial bathroom installations, for example, in hotels, universities, offices, restaurants, care homes, and shopping centres.

Toilet paper was fine until a better invention came out.

But you don’t need to put up with expensive, abrasive toilet paper anymore.

Your life is too important to put up with average.

I think you know toilet paper doesn’t actually get you properly clean which is why you use water to clean every other area of your body.

Do you shower in the morning? Shower after the gym? Or rub yourself with toilet paper?

Honestly, toilet paper is expensive over a year, and can hurt compared to the invigorating spray of The Bum Gun.

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Get yourself ‘shower fresh’ clean after every toilet visit and Save Money Now on our bidet sprayers.

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