#Chinese #dogs Rescued from slaughterhouse

Sheena Gao · 3,301 просмотров
I created this video after my visited one of the many private rescue shelters in Beijing China Oct.2015. This little shelter is called "812 忠犬救助之家“, meaning "812 Faithful Dog Rescue Home". Where Du Ta and his friends are taking care of the 150 dogs they rescued from the truck bond to slaughter house!

We all know China, along with many other countries in Asia are the biggest dog meat consumption places in the world, even though not all Chinese eat dogs and cats, but as a Chinese/American, I feel ashamed of this old "tradition". I am doing my part to fight in stopping the dog meat trading in the world, and to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in every June, at the southern town of China where over 10,000 dogs are brutally tortured, slaughtered and eaten during the festival. Please help bring this to a stop!
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You can also donate to the cause to help 812 Faithful Dog Rescue House!