Cocapop - Full Movie (English Subtitles)

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An apartment on an ancient Roman hill becomes a film studio where three tales of "coke" alternate. The story takes place in a "circular" arc of time in which each character could live or have lived the life of the other person, crossing through three generations from 20 to 70 years.
Cocaine is talked about a lot, often connected to action films, surveys or documentaries. I wanted to analyse it in its solitude, in its private relationship with the exploiter, who often becomes the secret lover, regardless of the lead player's social life that actually does exist.
They are intelligent people, well off financially, well educated. The events come about, develop and get tangled up inside the family nucleus that becomes a battleground.
Behind the "routine" façade, we discover fragile souls fighting their personal fears and trying to tackle that "psychological void" generated by contact with drugs and which is fed by drugs that give the illusion of being able to fill this void.

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