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WINTER APPLE a film by Armen RONOV

Poetry-film according to the motives of our sweeping and loving Khachatur Abovyan's novel of love and longing - «Wounds of Armenia» narrative, weaved in the spring of 1832 as an eulogy for nature and a pondering over nation's unfree status... It can be stated that this Poetry-film contains Khachatur Abovyan's philosophical thoughts that are derived from Armenian national philosophy and world view.
For me, mankind thoughts- too natural and why not, endowed with slightly imaginative conventionality, birthed from «apple-shaped» people entering into «Winter Dormancy» but regenerating over and over in spring; and immediate feelings that are lived through with so much colorful, vivid illustrations, comparisons and picturesque descriptions.

Genre/PSYCHODRAMA,Duration/61 min, Location filming/Armenia,Turkey,Russia,Year of completion/2012, Directed by Armen RONOV, Screenplay by Armen RONOV, Based on «Wounds of Armenia» novel by Khachatur Abovyan, Produced by Gevorg GEVORGYAN, Armen DARBINYAN, Michael AYVAZYAN, Arman ABOVYAN, Production designer by Armen RONOV, Artists animators/ Igor LIVSHITS, Tigran BOJUKYAN, Starring/Vladimir MSRYAN, Sergey YURSKIY, Rafael QOTANJYAN, Tatev MELKONYAN, Arman ABOVYAN, David ABOVYAN, Abdullah DEMIRBAS,Cinematography/Artavazd KHACHATRYAN, Armen RONOV, Music by Edison DENISOV, John CAJE, Fred FRITH, Sharakans by St.Mesrop Mashtots, Performed by Hasmik BAGHDASARYAN, Production/ARMENIAN NATIONAL CINEMA CENTER, Coproduction/RUSSIAN-ARMENIAN (SLAVONIC) UNIVERSITY/«RONOV» 's FILM-WORKSHOP, Release date(s) / 28 December 2012,Language/English,Armenian,Turkish,Subtitles/English, Armenian,Country/ARMENIA/38 Pushkin str.,Yerevan 0010, RA/Tel: +37493 209050, +37410 500230/e-mail :,, /URL/,