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Join us for a real time, guided tram ride. We travel through the city and explore all its colors and nuance’s. Want to know what to do in Oslo if you have some hours to spend as a visitor here? Or, you just want an authentic and exotic inside tour of the capital in Norway, behind the tourist attractions? Watch this video. In the end we will present a secret gem, a park to hang out with the locals. Tram 12 covers most of inner city – and drives from the east to the west side. The differences are striking. Both in scenery and in culture.
This is a real-life experience on a packed and warm tram with dirty windows covered in graffiti. You will enjoy beautiful scenery, the ocean, people in the streets, parks, houses, monuments, stores, cafes, bars and a lot more. You will get tips for a cool, but unknown shopping street, where you can buy contemporary Norwegian design and enjoy an organic meal. We will show you the diversity in food options and ride by the cool bars and clubs.
Ronald will explain what you see and be your guide. Mads will be the sidekick and record the whole ride and the little episodes that occur along the route. Ronald knows this tram route inside out and will share his knowledge and enthusiasm for Oslo. Mads is not so found of moving too far from home. You will learn new stuff about Norwegians and maybe change the way you see these people and culture. Even though this is a small city, its very divided. The rich, posh west end with high life expectancy and healthy habits. The diverse hipster area mixed with poverty and drug addicts on the east side.

YOURWAY2NORWAY is a different travel channel. We combine education with humor and entertainment. It’s an authentic inside guide to real life in Norway. We highlight small and large themes, cultural characteristics and Norwegian phenomena. All the stuff you won’t find in a tourist brochure.
The content is perfect for people who travel to Norway as tourists, visit friends and family in Norway, study in Norway or work in Norway. It is ideal for anyone with Norwegian roots and DNA. It is also interesting for anyone who wants to learn more about other cultures and people. And for all of you looking for some smile and laughter.
The guys behind are; Ronald Sagatun – a enthusiastic and sarcastic Sami Latino with a Norwegian passport. Throughout his life he has tried to find out what it means to be Norwegian. Now he shares his hilarious experiences. Mads is a grumpy Norwegian dude, providing the channel authenticity and the typical Norwegian way of viewing the world. We always try to be funny, self-deprecating, human and, when it´s necessary; sincere and passionate.

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