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12 Days Between Aircraft Passengers, Party Guests And Hotel Receptions.
An insight into the Tour Life of Boris Brejcha.

22.08.2019; 8.30pm at Frankfurt Airport. We say goodbye. "See you tomorrow morning!“ After almost two weeks of touring in Spain we say goodbye hastily at the airport. Everyone wants to go home quickly. We spread out to Mannheim, Frankfurt, Bad Vilbel and Grünstadt. We briefly repacked the suitcases and after short 6h of sleep, for the first time since weeks in our own bed, we meet at 08.00am at the airport Frankfurt for the start of the US tour. An extensive breakfast together with the crew, a few hectic cigarettes and 2-3 photos in front of the A380 later, Flo, Kevin, Ginger and I sat on our seats and started towards San Francisco. After 11.30h flight we landed with strong earache and already argued with the Boarder Control about some visa stories. After the arrival I had to go to bed. The stress of the tour has got me bad and I hide under the blanket to survive the next 11 days without extremely excessive feelings of illness. Kevin, Flo and Ginger used the short time to explore the new city and cycled to the Golden Gate Bridge. The thought that you have to see at least ONE sight if you spend less than 24 hours in a city awakens undreamt-of stamina. Jetlagged, sick, tired and exhausted, one then somehow goes out and tries to live up to the appropriate "work-tour-sleep-eat-fly-balance" in some way. As soon as you look around, the first gig of the tour is already history again. Screeching fans applaud at the end and before I could really enjoy this moment we are already sitting in the plane to LA. I would have liked to spend more time there. The pleasant feeling that all these dear people give me when they dance to my music fills me to the maximum with love…
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Video by: Kevin Kaczynski
IG: @kevinkaczynski

Pictures by: Florian Schmitt
IG: @flocreates

Graphics by: Sandro Stumpf
IG: @whoisdrdrew

Text by: Ginger Lemm
Mail: ginger@fckng-serious.de
IG: @gingerella060

Music by: Boris Brejcha


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