Fun WAM Mudding. Pink cotton tights got wet in swamp.

Fun WAM Mudding · 1,949 просмотров
Pink cotton tights, white ruffled blouse, white sweater and gray, also got a little dip in swampy water. This video is made with combined short clips, that’s why you notice looks like cut outs.
Almost every time I forgot to take my diapers off before get in deep water, sorry guys but because of my after surgery conditions, I have to wear diapers, I know some people don’t like them, but for now I don’t have a choice, and so a compression tights. It is feeling funky with huge diapers full of water in between legs, pulling my tights down. 🙃😁. Hopefully I still have time to make one video in my wedding dress in mud and water, like before ground freezes, this morning when I was walking in that water, outside temperature was 33F, it was cold.

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