How to Build Log Bridge in Farming Simulator 19 - FS19 Construction and Building Mods

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Hi, here is the video with where I fixed the bridge -
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Today I am trying a build a little log bridge in FS 19 Michigan Map. It is the first attempt to see if it is passable. I will fix it in some other video. With this bridge, you can cross the creek but is not so steady. In the video, I have to FS19 Semi-trucks DAF XF 105 and SCANIA 143. Two LS 19 Semi-Trailers: FS2019 Low Loader FONTAINE MAGNITUDE and TIMBER RUNNER Tree tronk FS 2019 autoload. Volvo L220H LS19 Wheel Loader and LS2019 Tree Harvester PONSSE SCORPION 30 METER. Two LS 2019 Placeable mods: Wooden Support and Storage and PLACEABLE TREES PACK. To make the construction of the bridge easy you can use LIFT HEAVY LOADS mod.

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