How to Install a Bidet Spray | Easy DIY

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Today we're going to show you how to install a bidet spray; toilet hose; Muslim shower; health faucet; shattaf; bum gun, whatever you want to call it, to modern commode (seat toilet) with a cistern.

We recommend investing in a metal bidet spray, especially if you're in Australia, as plastic ones are unlikely to cope with high water pressure.

The bidet set we bought is no longer available and I can't find the same one from another seller, however there are very similar ones for sale:

Make sure your measure the connections to the water hose and the cistern (water tank) on the T-adapter valve.

A bidet-sprayer is very common in many parts of the world including South-East Asia; Pakistan, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia; some Arab countries and also in parts of Europe (like Finland), where the traditional bidet basin is also common.

There are strong arguments for the use of water instead of toilet paper to clean oneself after the bathroom:

- It saves toilet paper which destroys millions of trees a year (and also uses lots of water to manufacture) and clogs sewage pipes.

- It's more hygienic and gentle than smearing paper across your genitals.

Power to the bidet!

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