How to make and use cloth baby wipes

Talya Rose · 48,994 просмотров
Learn how to make your own cloth, reusable wipes that work even better than costly and wasteful disposable baby wipes. Save money and save your baby's bottom. Cloth baby wipes work better than disposable baby wipes and they are better for your baby's bottom. I place my cloth baby wipes in a wipe warmer so they come out wet, warm, and ready to go. I am so happy I made the switch to re-usable cloth baby wipes and I hope I can help you make the switch as well. you can use plain old cloth rags, make your own, or buy pre-made cloth baby wipes. In order to make the cloth baby wipes work just as good as the disposable baby wipes I show you how to make a mixture of oils and water that will clean, heal, and moisturize your baby's bottom. Good luck moms!

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