Korean Movie 18+ Woman of a War Pottery

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Looking over at me he smiles. "Are you ready to meet everyone? I know that the elves are dying to meet you. The few that have seen you have been ranting and raving about you for the longest time. You had no idea that they were elves though or that there were always people around you that were from me. I have always had my eye on you." By now I realize that we are in the sleigh and we are flying high over everything. I don't dare look down.

Putting his arm around me he leans closer and whispers into my ear. "To be honest with you, I would love to just skip this part and bring you right into my home, carry you to my bed and make love to you in every way that you can imagine. After tonight, My Dear, you will not have to worry about being a 20 year-old virgin ever again. For the next couple of days the elves know not to bother us except for when we call for food." Just hearing him talk like that brings chills all over my body and he must have sensed it for he changed the route of the sleigh. "Let's forget the elves for now. They'll understand."

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