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This superb video was made by Ameda, who make breast pumps. It's wonderful to see a commercial company make the effort to hire excellent and well qualified people to produce a high quality marketing video that is informative and exhibiting Best Practice. Well Done Ameda!

We can't reccomend this video highly enough, but although Ameda make it available for file share on the site (presumably they are happy with viral replication - it is a marketing tool after all!) we can't get it to load properly.

We urge you to go to the site and see all of it:

The site also contains excellent breastfeeding support advice.

The pity of it being somewhat speeded up here, is you can't get a sense of the wonderful 'bobbing' motion that the baby is doing, as it signals to the mother that it would like to breastfeed, as it's getting hungry.

This 'bobbing' is an excellent cue to get baby onto Mum's breast asap. Learning your baby's feeding cues will save a lot of anxiety. Baby escalates up to starting to cry and get distressed as hunger kicks in (it's never felt hungry in the womb, so hunger is a new and powerful feeling for it. Powerful feelings are quite scary for small babies - they haven't a clue what's going on.)

A good resource on feeding cues can be found here:

The latch info in the animation is so good, it doesn't need any comment from us. There are a whole list of latch links that complement this video on "First Latch":

If you have already got nipple problems because of a shallow latch, there are links to help on "Poor Latch Good Latch":

The sheer competency of this five day old baby, as it seeks to latch itself to the mother, is just so wonderful to watch! This is another baby that knows exactly what it is doing, and Mum is doing a great job in supporting and helping baby.

However, as we explain in 'Breast Crawl', not all babies come out ready and willing to latch like this as modern birth practices can get in the way. If your baby is sleepy, disorganised or refusing the breast, the info and links on 'Breast Crawl' will help you:

Before we go - we are only reccomending this video, and the excellent breastfeeding advice on the Ameda site - not their products. None of us have ever used them, so we cannot comment.

Do go to the site, however, and watch this baby find that nipple and self latch! :-)

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