MN-90 VS. WPL (I'm done with these) They call this a 1/12 scale? what??

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Product link for the terrific WPL B36 RTR

My first toy/hobby grade rc was a red WPL C14 RTR, followed by the c14 kit, followed by the B-1 RTR Military truck and finally my favorite of the bunch the B-36 URAL RTR.
With all the newer brands on the market that compete with WPL it's tough not to want to get other to see how they are. I have tried to stick to only WPL because the naming on all these is confusing, parts interchangeability is another situation.

I figured I would pick up this MN-90 RTR because so many you tubers love it and just seem to not say many bad things about them.

This is an honest and non-sponsored video and I will tell you everything good and bad about the MN-90 RTR.