Murder by Decree (1979) : Pea Squashing Scene

Abhisek RoyBarman · 431 просмотров
‘Murder by Decree’, directed by Bob Clark, is the most un-Sherlockian film I have seen yet (keeping in mind ‘The Private life of Sherlock Holmes’). I enjoyed the warmth transpired into the originally dispassionate character of Holmes. I was fed up with some recent tele-series and films, and this 1979 adaptation came as a breath of fresh air. In most of the regular screen adaptations (except for a few), what exasperates me is the infallibility and omniscience granted to the detective. Christopher Plummer’s Sherlock , however, parts with that excessive self-adoration, instead successfully delivers an amicable and easy-going version of the detective.
*this scene is a remarkable example of onscreen camaraderie. The chemistry between Christopher Plummer and James Mason so reminds me of Uttamkumar and Santosh Dutta in ‘Ogo Badhu Sundari’ 

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