Norah's Natural HypnoBirth

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Born at home (in our apartment), Norah came into the world on May 9, 2013. I woke up having contractions/surges, took a nap, and she arrived 5 hours later! She came out head and arm first or "compound cephalic" and was a bit of a special circumstance, but we didn't use any interventions or pain medication. This was THE most amazing thing I've ever done - Such a beautiful birth, wouldn't have had it any other way!

"Dana, You are an absolute poster woman for HypnoBirthing. even with an unexpected special circumstance, you brought your baby girl into the world in peace and calm and with such grace. What a gift to your baby and for all the women who will watch this video and be inspired. -Mickey Mongan, Director HypnoBirthing"

Norah is our first baby, I was 40w2d. She weighed 8lb13oz at birth. We practiced the HypnoBirth program (the Mongan Method) to have this smooth of a birth process... I would recommend it to anyone who was able and wanting to have a comfortable birth! I felt varying levels of pressure throughout my surges, but no real "pain". True active labor only lasted a little over 5 hours after I woke up, and my water broke 30 minutes before she was born while I was in the tub. I would have preferred to not push at all (but instead "breathe the baby down" like HypnoBirth teaches) but I did push about 4 times because we were worried about her being a little stuck. She arrived without much fuss! I did not have an episiotomy and I had no perineal tearing that needed fixed.

View her little brother's birth HERE:

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