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Horizontal automatic packing machine is designed for packing piece products in "flo-pack" type packages using single-layer and composite film packaging materials in a roll without thermal shrinkage. Used for a variety of product groups in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries. You can pack tablets, capsules, piece foods (sweets, chewing gum), souvenirs, jewelry, any product that can be put on a conveyor belt. Productivity up to 35-220 packages per minute. The width of the film is 90-250 mm. Suitable for industrial production. We provide a full range of services: installation, training, start-up, repair. Simple mechanical design. Instruction for use in English and Russian. Complies with the GMP standard. We provide detailed instructions for setting up this model of the packaging machine. Before sending the machine for individual packaging are tested in production. Completeness and working capacity is guaranteed. We maintain a stock of parts and consumables in the warehouse. Price is indicated taking into account customs payments in Russia and delivery to the city of the client.

Packing machine flow-packs "PU-250"
Productivity: 35-220 packages per minute
Film width: 90-250 mm
Create a package of the following sizes:
Double low cutter: length 65-190 mm, width 30-110 mm, height 5-50 (mm
Double high cutter: length 90-220mm, width 30-110mm, height 5-60mm
Single high cutter: length 150-330 mm, width 30-110 mm, height 5-60 mm
Total power: 2.4 kW
Power supply: 220V, 50 / 60Hz
Machine size: length 4000 mm, width 850 mm, height 1500 mm
Weight: 400 kg
Weight with packing: 550 kg

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