SUGARING: 15 Minute Brazilian With Sugar

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In this 15 minute real time video I demonstrate how I personally complete a Brazilian Sugaring on a Client.

Sugar is a all natural paste made of sugar, lemon juice, & water. It resembles honey. It is not hot like wax, but body temperature, so no burning or lifting of the skin with this method.

The best way to sugar is to rake against the natural direction of hair growth & to flick with the natural direction of hair growth for a cleaner pull out of the pore.

After 3-5 consecutive times of being sugared your hair will begin to train & be on 1 even growth cycle, opposed to the 3 growth cycles our hair naturally grows in. Similar to wax, Sugaring should be maintained every 4 weeks.

Because hair is being removed from the root, blood is naturally going to rush to the surface of the skin, hence the redness.
Redness will cease within 1-4 hours after a Sugaring session.

Aftercare wise, you want to avoid direct sun exposure/sun tanning for 24 hrs, avoid sexual intercourse & working out, or any activity that may make you excessively sweat for at least 8 hrs.
Lastly, you always want to exfoliate with a body scrub AT LEAST 2-3x a week in a downward motion ONLY.

Sugar Used:
Dakine Sugar
By: Ke Kō Sugaring Professionals

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