Talking Banana Robot - Read Description - It's Banana Sunday! - Chat Controlled

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To make the banana talk just send a chat message in this stream!

Super chats are guaranteed to be said. They are always added to the banana talk queue. There is a bug where superchats might be said twice.

If the Banana is being flooded it will skip some messages. This is to avoid getting lagged behind the live chat.

When the banana says your message your name will appear on the LCD display.

All chats are checked for certain naughty words and are not said if one of those words is found, this is to make sure my channel does not get flagged by youtube. Swearing is ok, but no hate speech please. This Banana loves people.

This banana is made by a shitty robot maker and may break.

Please help me make shitty robots my full time gig!

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