The Creepy Murder In Room 1046

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What really happened to this mystery man?


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Cage Fighting in America
David S. Holloway / Contributor/Getty Images
Maid in uniform with apron and cap, circa 1907
Sheri Blaney/Getty Images
Notebook with pen, blank
William Andrew/Getty Images
Night table
Juanmonino/Getty Images
table lamp isolated on white
PhonlamaiPhoto/Getty Images
Hotel door
kumeda/Getty Images
NBC News - 1968 Democratic National Convention
NBC NewsWire / Contributor/Getty Images
Party scene with dancing people, masked people, champagne, cigarettes and swags. Photograph. Around 1920/30.
Imagno/Getty Images
Something wicked this way came
Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images
Doctor Examining Injured Man
Lambert/Getty Images
Woman holding frying pan, standing over man on floor, low section
Howard Berman/Getty Images
Closed white doors
Jacek Kadaj/Getty Images
Neck strap lanyard for cell phone
popovaphoto/Getty Images
Businessman in the air, falling down
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images
Bathtub in modern bathroom
Spaces Images/Getty Images
Rear view of ambulance
rcyoung/Getty Images
Busy city street with traffic
George Marks / Stringer/Getty Images
Nouveau téléphone
Keystone-France / Contributor/Getty Images
Close up of colorful fingerprints on white background
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Crime scene
adoc-photos / Contributor/Getty Images
Electrocardiogram. Loopable. 3 in 1. Green.
nmlfd/Getty Images
Businessman handing room key to hotel clerk
fStop Images/Getty Images
View of Downtown Los Angeles Skyline
Donaldson Collection / Contributor/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Yellow Pages Marked with Tabs
William Whitehurst/Getty Images
Remains of person
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images
Thomas Martinez and Eliseo Abeyta
Leslie Abeyta/Getty Images
Taxi Cab
General Photographic Agency / Stringe/Getty Images
Caution tape at a crime scene.
Ron Koeberer/Getty Images
Old cemetery with cables and tags marking the dead's identificat
TonyLMoorePhoto/Getty Images
Flowers in a cemetery
Gitanna/Getty Images
Funeral with coffin
kzenon/Getty Images
Distressed man on landline phone, (B&W), close-up
George Marks/Getty Images
Blue-toned bundle of dollars savings headlines and calculator
RapidEye/Getty Images
almir1968/Getty Images
Two envelopes with flap open
Andy Crawford/Getty Images
Vintage Card and Envelope (with 2 paths)
subjug/Getty Images
Open newspaper focused on a small corner of printed text
kemie/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Franked San Francisco mail
whitemay/Getty Images
malerapaso/Getty Images
Typewriter, mechanical deta...
leonardodesign21/Getty Images
St. Regis Hotel
Thomas A. Kelly/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images
Portrait of man holding books in bookstore
Hero Images/Getty Images
MSE Library
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images
Old paper suitcase
greg801/Getty Images
Old luggage trunk on a white background
perets/Getty Images
A telephone receiver hanging
Caspar Benson/Getty Images
20 - 30 year old female worker pulls box off of warehouse shelf
Bob O'Connor/Getty Images
Blood in Sink
thenakedsnail/Getty Images
Secret Agents
jameslee1/Getty Images
OCT 4 1952, OCT 5 1952; Lonzo David (Tex) Womer, whose just completed 31 years as elevator operator
Floyd H. McCall / Contributor/Getty Images
Set of thirty-five icons of people dressed in various styles of autumn/winter fashion.
aelitta/Getty Images
Couple in heated argument
George Marks/Getty Images
Circa 1980s home computer
Bill Heinsohn/Getty Images
Cheating in partnership
Marina_Ph/Getty Images
Antique black and white photo of 1940s style businessman smoking cigarette and calling with phone.
ysbrandcosijn/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Portrait of a bellhop smiling
SuperStock/Getty Images
Doorman standing in a doorway
SuperStock/Getty Images
Black Body Care Icons
appleuzr/Getty Images

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