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Thimingalam (1983) is a Malayalam action n romantic movie. Directed by Crossbelt Mani . For related movies and programs with this content please visit our web site For the story of entire Malayalam cinema & Movie infos please visit .Starring Shankar ,KP Ummer ,Balan K Nair ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,KR Vijaya ,Manochithra ,Ravindran& others. Thimingalam means the whale. Here it's a symbolic name. This movie is about a big whales smuggling and it's destiny and it's also saying about the betrayal of a business partner ship. To start a business people need a good and huge capital amount. Since it will be difficult to find this huge amount, people start partnerships by investing amount on a mutual understanding.

They can be called as share holders. Some times the partner will do the investment only, The other partner or called as the managing partner will handle the managing part. In such deals, the partner should trust him or her. The managing partner should maintain proper accounts, tax returns and should distribute the revenue share. Well this is the theory part. But in this crooked world, people are only interested in betraying others, the slogans of morality and honesty are toasted.

A business partnership is built with the blocks of trust. A breach in it is intolerable. Some partners snatches money from revenue share by not entering in the accounts, they use it for side business. Here comes the second part. So to grab money in ease which is the easiest way to invest? yes it is smuggling. A total illegal crime. Such crooked minded people who betrays their partners invests money is such 'easy' business. And they makes good profit, since they are doing an illegal business they usually use the help of criminals and gets support from politicians by offering them a good sum.

At last when the other partners comes to know about his 'under cover' businesses and unfaithful business management they will start raising the voice. But it will be too late and the smuggler uses his influence to suffocate them as their so called 'share'. In the story of this malayalam cinema we can see two partners Kurup & Menon. They are having a pharmaceutical company. Menon is the managing Director. Menon matches with the profile mentioned above. Boban is menon's son, he is not different from his father. After all he is also helping him in hus smuggling deals.Vijay and Venu are Kurup's son who are just off from the college. Vijay has an affair with Anitha. Venu has the same with Reetha. This is the character line up.

Menon continued to play his dirty tricks on Kurup. But since Kurup trusted him a lot, he never doubted him and never checked the accounts. But Kurup was being betrayed. On the other hand Kurup is living a peaceful life with is wife Devu and his sons. Menon has taken some signed papers from Kurup. under the label of business purpose. But before it's too late, Kurup got hints about the other face of Menon.

One day he went to office and cross checked the accounts, he came to know that he is being cheated. When he asked about this to Menon, he tactically answered them. But Kurup did not take his words. Slowly it build cracks in their relations. Finally Kurup asked for share and asked to end the partnership. Menon decided to frame Kurup. Menon's hing-men deliberately put poison in the distillery of Menon. And people died, Menon was arrested and put behind the bars.

When Vijay and Vinu went to take revenge on this, they were caught by Menon's hing men. On the other hand, Boban had a crush to Anitha. But she absolutely refused him. He approached her mother through Menon. SInce Vijay was locked in, she couldn;t resist much. She had to marry Boban. But Boban never loved her, from the first night, he started to show his dirty face. Kurup escaped from Jail and went to Menon's for his sons . But Menon killed Menon in front of his sons and he throwed his body in sea, but VIjay and Venu escaped from his hands.
Now it's payback time. Go and watch the breath taking action packed climax of this malayalam cinema Thimingalam and reveal how the whale is caught !!

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