Tots Bots Easy Fit

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Ease of use: This diaper is soooo easy!! It's great for newbies or other family members that may not have a lot of experience with cloth diapers. The velcro tabs allow it to go on just as easy as a disposable. The diaper is extremely easy to stuff because of the tongue like style. It's all one piece and you just stuff the tongue back inside. The inserts agitate out in the wash so there is no need to unstuff the diaper once it is soiled. The rise is really easy to adjust with the 3 snap down rise.

Performance: This diaper has performed really well. We have only ever had leaks when we have left the diaper on for too long. We have also never had to add more absorbency to the pocket. If we would then the diaper would really be absorbent!!!

Fit: The fit of this diaper is awesome on my son. It is very trim which I LOVE. It is also easy to get a good fit on the waist because of the velcro closures. The elastic on this diaper is very gentle and does not leave red marks on my son. Over all the fit is awesome.

Overall: I would definitely recommend this to a friend. This is one of my favorite diapers and I am in love with it. It is just so easy and convenient. I love everything about it. The only down side I can think of for this diaper is, I have heard the velcro may rub your babies belly, and the inside it not stay dry which may be a turn off for people. But I love love love it!!!!! : )

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