Transport Fever Peninsula || Opposite The Colonel || #1 || The Train

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Hey Folks!!
Welcome to the Transport Fever Peninsula Interactive Series!!

In this series, i will be playing as the title says: Opposite Colonel Failure! I will be building alongside the Colonel in my own way to go about things on this spectacular map dubbed "Peninsula".
As a rule of thumb i will not be able to watch Colonels videos until i have myself posted the corresponding episode. Therefore eliminating any spoilers and keeping my build genuine. Join in as we go from zero to maybe hero in that the chaos is sure to be great!!

Transport Fever is a simulation city builder game, heavily focused on transporting people and cargo around the map to different cities of varying size and population. Use trains, planes and ships to haul and transport passengers and goods around your digital train set, and create spectacular interlocking networks of rail and road designs. Use different methods of transport in conjunction to get the most out of your Transport Company. Welcome to Transport Fever! All aboard!!

Intro -Bliss-TARI & Yix

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