Truth Behind Controversial Naked Dating Contestant Revealed

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A contestant on Australia’s Naked Dating show has been revealed to be a porn star.

Yasmin Scott, aged 24, went on the popular talk show, The Kyle And Jackie O Show, to take part in the Naked Dating segment of the programme where she met fireman Azan Turoa.

As can happen with red-blooded adults in their twenties their inhibitions flew aside forcing producers to step in and put an end to the contestants’ antics. However it’s now been revealed that Scott, who is a stripper, also leads another life as an adult film star.

To be fair I don't know why the radio station is shocked or surprised given her social media account is full of adult content...

During the segment, in which contestants meet each other naked for the first time, Scott and Turoa were immediately playing tonsil hockey.

Co-presenter Kyle Sandilands told listeners and viewers:

They're into it, if we don't put a stop to this soon something is going to happen.

They won't stop kissing!

Asked if they'd want to take anything further, Yasmin responded enthusiastically saying she'd 'shag him'.

The couple agreed to 'figure it out' after the presenter offered them 'the handicap toilets on level one'.

Nuclear warfare or a world-ending asteroid isn't looking like such a bad idea now.