Webinar: Moving to the Netherlands as an entrepreneur - Starting a business in the Netherlands

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This is part 1 of the full webinar. Link to entire webinar: https://business.gov.nl/webinar-starting-a-business-in-the-netherlands/ or https://youtu.be/xyLOsIv7EpI

Content of this part: You have a business idea, and you think the Netherlands is the right place to execute it. How do you set about realising this? Willem Drost (StartupDelta) and Gülten Çankaya (Immigration and Naturalisation Service, IND) discuss startup visa and residence permit requirements. The rules for applying for a startup visa discussed in this webinar are the general rules, that apply to most startups. They are updated regularly and depending on your country of origin and specific situation, certain rules may not apply to you. Your facilitator can help you find out exactly how to apply for your startup visa. Read more: https://business.gov.nl/coming-to-the-netherlands/permits-and-visa/startup-visa/

Topics that will be discussed:
• How to emigrate to the Netherlands: permits and visa
• Start up your business
• The benefits of using a facilitator
• Your start-up visa

You can watch our webinar with English subtitles by clicking the 'subtitles'-button on the lower right corner of this video.

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Link to the full playlist of this webinar: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8AltL6xXAgM3n_57JCUO20Y2O9dFgyBE

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